Händelser på Ösel

Summers in Saaremaa are full of various events: concerts, festivals, sports competitions, workshops – take your pick!


For the week of Saaremaa Opera Days, a huge opera tent appears in the castle yard. A magnificent opera house is ready. Red carpets, white chairs, huge chandeliers, well stocked cocktail lounges – in a word, everything that an opera house is.


In July you can enjoy music in a cosier atmosphere, along with a true village environment. The Muhu Future Music Festival features famous international musicians and attracts jazz fans from far and aside. In July, those keen on clerical music can enjoy the festivals “The Sonorous Sounds of the Organs of Saaremaa” and “Kihelkonna Days of Clerical Music”.


At the beginning of August, Kuressaare as a resort town is celebrated with Maritime Days. Years ago, it started with a few sea related events and lasted a couple of days. Today it has developed into a festival lasting for several weeks.


The beginning of September is the annual Saaremaa Food Festival time. There is a veriety of activities, competitions, fairs and much more. During the festival takes place Restaurant Week, where local businesses offer interesting menus. In addition to that, you can enjoy pop-up home cafes and take part in a kilometer long picnic at Kuressaare street picnic. Thousands of people enjoy good food in good company at the picnic table.


To those with hearts for more serious music, Kuressaare Chamber Music Days offer splendid experiences in August. Sports people wait for October as hundreds of car racing fans can gather for Saaremaa Rally. In October, also the Three Days Running Race and Karujärve Cycling Marathon take place.


Throughout summer, both local people and holiday makers can enjoy differents events all over the island. Folk culture events and summer music concerts in the castle park and yard as well as live music in restaurants.

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