People mostly come to Saaremaa for its beautiful wildlife, peace and silence as well as for relaxing spa treatments. But a merry child would like to run and jump and play and he or she can do all of it in Saaremaa!


In addition to several playgrounds in Kuressaare, they can enjoy themselves on the low adventure trail in Leisi, adventure park of Hallikivi, K-Pargi adventure park, Asva viking village and Muhu seikluspark. Hot summer days are ideal for fun on the beach and muggy autumn days for fun in the pool or spend time in the Pillerkaar playground.


In addition to beach activities, you can rent different riders (bicycles and hoverboards) in Kuressaare at the beginning of the Raiekivi leg to enjoy the wonderful nature and fresh air of Kuressaare with your family.


Exciting animals and birds can be met in Saaremaa and Muhu islands. On the ostrich farm in Muhu, children can feed ostriches, count the stripes of a zebra and look for a little kangaroo peeking out of its mother’s pouch. And what child would not like to ride a horse or pony? There also is a possibility for this in Saaremaa.


If the weather happens to be not very good for outdoor activities, various handicraft workshops are at your disposal. In the smithy of the castle yard in Kuressaare it is possible to forge your own luck bringing nail or make a foamy soap in Good Kaarma soap workshop. In Angla Heritage Culture Centre, it is possible to learn the traditional ways of clay work or engraving dolomite.


Ideas for a family holiday can also be found from the Visit Saaremaa magazine’s article ”Family discovery tours of Saaremaa” on page 90.

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