Best spas on Saaremaa

Best spas on Saaremaa

The first mud baths in Estonia were built in Saaremaa, in the first half of the 19th century, because mud with excellent healing properties was found here. It was in Kihelkonna, Saaremaa, that Estonia's first medical mud bath was opened in 1824 - exactly 200 years ago. Back then, gentlemen and ladies from Germany, Russia, Finland and Sweden used to visit this lovely spa town to boost their health.


Nowadays Saaremaa is a paradise for spa lovers. With the last 200 years Kuressaare has transformed into a modern resort town and the variety of treatments in our spas is truly wide, so there is something for everyone. Here are our eight most popular spas with their specialities in alphabetical order to make choosing easier for you.

Arensburg Boutique hotel & spa

The Arensburg Hotel brings together modern architecture and timeless values, the historic part of the hotel is located in a building dating back 300 years and is complemented by a modern building. Just ten steps away from the main street, the hotel spa gives an opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet. At weekends you can quite often witness some musicians performing in the hotel restaurant.

Arensburg Boutique hotel & Spa Kuressaares

Asa spa hotel

Asa Spa Hotel is an ideal vacation spot for families, offering a variety of activities and relaxation opportunities. Our new water and sauna centre is waiting to be discovered by big and small spa enthusiasts! Saaremaa’s newest and largest water and sauna centre has 7 different saunas, a water slide, swimming pool, relaxing jacuzzis and a hot Japanese bath. In the hotel there are 93 spacious rooms, a restaurant with a beautiful sea view and in addition a wide selection of spa treatments for grown ups and little ones.

Asa spa in Kuressaare

Georg Ots Spa hotel

GOSPA welcomes both big and small spa friends. For small ones a special menu is offered in the restaurant and they can enjoy treatments specially designed for them. Eevery day allows you to discover something exciting. At weekends, Children’s Club is at your disposal. The pearl of GOSPA is spa treatments and GOSPA's own range of treatments KENA (NICE). The heated outdoor pool allows enjoying the sun, moon and stars at any weather! GOSPA is proud of its restaurant which has earned the title “The Best Family Restaurant” of Silverspoon 2016 and 2017.

Grand Rose spa hotel

The biggest amount of roses and romance can be found in the Grand Rose Spa Hotel. Same refers to saunas. The sauna centre with its oriental interior includes seven design-saunas, among others Saaremaa Juniper Sauna and Birch Sauna. And, of course, popular aroma sauna and salt sauna are also available. The sauna masters do their best for you to benefit from different sauna rituals.

Johan Spa hotel

In a quiet cobbled stoned street in Kuressaare old town area, the Johan Spa is located. Modern architectural solutions and simple but elegant interior design have made many people fall in love with the hotel. The heated outdoor pool allows enjoying a swim even if the outside temperature is not exactly high. Quite a unique experience is offered by the private sauna with its roof jacuzzi watching over the old town of Kuressaare.

Johan spa asub otse Kuressaare südames

Meri Spa Hotel

Meri Hotel & Spa is located on the beautiful seaside promenade, nearby yacht marina, Kuressaare town park and fortress. Atmosphere of hotel, and 2022 renovated pool- and saunaarea characterizes very well keywords „Beach holiday & chill relax“. In hotel, there are excellent possibilities for bigger conferences, events and parties.

Meri spa hotel is located near Kuressaare castle and beach

Pädaste Spa

Pädaste SPA aspires to harmonize all six senses. The relaxing procedures at Pädaste are all based on the centuries-old local tradition of applying herbs. All herbs have been picked in the countryside of Muhu Island. Pädaste SPA offers body treatments, half-day combinations of various treatments or integrated three-day packages. Muhu traditional steam sauna, a herb-aromatic steam sauna, Siberian cold water tub in the midst of wildlife, a private tub filled with heated sea water on the beach, a bay-side sundeck, massages, a relaxation room with water beds or hay wrappings under juniper tree roots – it all makes you feel as if you were in a dreamworld and you can experience it all.


SÖRWESPA is located in a place where smart Sörweans have noticed the miraculous power of a proper rest since ancient times. This inspiring place also helped us to create here dozens of nice purring nests, surprises to enjoy and places to think undisturbed. We have done everything here to make you manifest better, carrying the peace and happiness of Sörwe in yourself and radiating it to others. Spa house leads us on a journey that is end-to-end charged with a great feeling. The calming effect of water is amplified by island junipers and pines, which help to organize your thoughts and find a way to yourself.

Sörwespa is Saaremaa.

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