Cycling in Saaremaa

Cycling in Saaremaa

Saaremaa is an island of just the right size for taking trips by bike. Year-by-year, the number of bicycle tourists to Saaremaa has been increasing. In the vicinity of Kuressaare, there are 20 km of cycle tracks for biking around. There are also Euro Velo and Esto Velo routes in Saaremaa, respective signs are by the roadside.


Those keen in cycle sports, have admitted that Saaremaa is an ideal training place for road racers as the roads are of a good quality and with little traffic. Quite often the best racers of Estonia Tanel Kangert, Jaan Kirsipuu, Mihkel Räim etc. can be seen on our roads in their training sessions.


Not all the roads in Saaremaa are asphalt-paved, many of them are earth roads. As the villages of Saaremaa are small and eating places cannot be found everywhere, it may turn useful to take along your own picnic basket and why not using local food to fill it.


Mild autumns of Saaremaa facilitate cycling also outside the high season. A traditional Karujärve Cycling Marathon takes place in the colourful beginning of October.


If you do not have a bike, rent it from:


Bivarixi rattarent

Muhu rattarent

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