Saaremaa is an exellent place for a vacation. Beautiful nature, good food and spirited events. For an unforgettable trip, we recommend to tour the island and learn about the culture and history. To get the absolute maximum from your trip, take along a tour guide. No one knows more about this island than the local guides.


Our guides are ready to introduce Saaremaa in many languages. Depending on the guide and the preferenced language, the hourly rate starts from 20€. If you would like the guide for the whole day, make sure to ask a price offer beforehand. If you don't have your own transportation, some guides are ready to offer their vehicles in addition to their knowledge. Whether it's a car or a bike.

The list of Saaremaa guides union is being updated at the moment.
List of other Saaremaa guides is HERE

Saaremaa guides will take you on the weekly guided tours in Kuressaare
The beginning of Kuressaare city excursion in front of the Town Hall // Photo: Kristina Mägi

In the summer months, Saaremaa guides conduct free excursions on a weekly basis. Usually the guided tours start after the Midsummer and last until the beginning of August. The tours that take place on Saturdays start from the Town Hall and are in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish. For a more exact information, click HERE.


In addition to Kuressaare excursions, there are also island tours happening in the summer. Saaremaa Daytours conducts bus tours every day to the most popular places on the island. You can choose from Kaali meteorite crater, Angla windmills and Panga cliff or an excursion to the Sääre lighthouse. For more information, click HERE

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