Visit Saaremaa

Visit Saaremaa

Visit Saaremaa is Saaremaa Municipality’s department responsible for managing and marketing Saaremaa as a tourist destination. Our aim is to make people choose and explore Saare county as their travel destination and manage and coordinate the sustainable development of the county. We wish for all the people living and working in the area to gain from the tourism sector. We make it happen through co-operation.


Through our actions we wish to:

  • Reduce seasonality and increase visitor numbers during off-season
  • Extend the time spent on the islands
  • Increase the number of returning visitors
  • Expand the client base
  • Develop new international transport connections
  • Develop sustainable tourism products/services
  • Be a safe destination
  • Be flexible and create new e-services
  • Digitalize tourism information
  • Increase the satisfaction of local community
  • Offer varied and authentic experiences


We focus on the markets that have the highest potential for the marketing investment returns.

  • Primary markets: Estonia. Latvia, Finland.
  • Secondary markets: Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Russia.
  • Remote markets (in co-operation with Enterprise Estonia) Japan, USA, China


Our main marketing channel (regardless of the destination market) is the webpage and social media channel on Facebook and Instagram.


We are looking forward to constructive feedback, active participation in joint projects and ideas on how to develop the tourism sector on Saaremaa.

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