MTÜ Visit Saaremaa

MTÜ Visit Saaremaa

MTÜ Visit Saaremaa is a tourism organization organized on the initiative of Saaremaa Municipalities, which brings together companies/organizations that serve the purpose of developing tourism in Saaremaa.


What is our goal?

Introducing Saaremaa as a tourist destination and increasing the number of people visiting Saaremaa outside the county.


How do we achieve our goal?

In cooperation. Our members work together and at the same time compete with each other. At the end of the day, the goals of all of us are the same, to make the island attractive to visitors and bring more and more people here. In order to achieve this, we must sometimes set aside our personal ambitions and work towards a common goal. "One for all, all for one"


What do we offer our members?

We appreciate the contribution of each member in the development of Saaremaa tourism and in the achievement of our goals.


We guarantee our members:

  • an opportunity to be involved in the development of the tourism sector and a rapid exchange of information on development in the market
  • price reductions and other minor advantages in terms of purchasing paid services provided by the organization (training, promotional materials, study visits, etc.)
  • the opportunity to participate on a preferential basis in projects initiated by us
  • to get advice and consultation from the professionals in their area


What do we expect from our members?

Nowadays, there are no free lunches, so we are also waiting for members to contribute to our organization. We look forward to constructive feedback, ideas for developing Saaremaa tourism sector and active contribution to joint projects.

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