Cafes and restaurants on Saaremaa

Throughout centuries, Saaremaa has been well known for smoked fish, home brewed beer and dark bread. All these delicacies can be enjoyed also todayin the restaurants on Saaremaa. Thousands of them - herring, garfish, flatfish - pass through smoking ovens on the island during summer. On a good day, you can even taste smoked eel. The sweet tasting home brewed beer has made its way from farmsteads to some of the finest restaurants. Also, the home-made bread is a matter of pride for every lady.


The competition “The White Guide Baltic-Estonia” proves that the islanders do not live on traditional boiled potatoes and gravy.  You can read more about the nine White Guide restaurants in Saaremaa and Muhu HERE.

restaurants on Saaremaa offer very high quality dishes.
Restaurant "Alexander" in Pädaste manor

Although the density of restaurants and cafes in the highest in Kuressaare, there are also plenty of places to eat outside the capital of the island. Specially in the summer, when the pop-up cafes open. The interesting small summer cafes can mainly be found outside of Kuressaare.


The people of Saaremaa have preferred local food for a long time. The pure products of Saaremaa are increasingly gathering fame outside the island. Next to vegetables, fish and mutton, more and more Saaremaa made jams and sauces of a vast variety are appearing in many kitchens and shops. If you want to buy products made in Saaremaa, look for a small blue label with the words “Ehtne toode” (Pure Product).


You certainly must not feel hungry in Saaremaa! Just choose a place to your taste on the list of eateries down below. All the restaurants and cafes on Saaremaa are waiting for you.

Cafe Nautleja is located in a pastel-green house on the edge of Kuressaare Castle Park. During the day, Nautleja is a family-friendly cafe with various activities for children and during the evening, it is a cocktail bar with the most beautiful view of the sunset in Kuressaare. Here, you can enjoy life and the most beautiful view in Kuressaare. Our summer programme includes several event series and parties. We have taken the major events in Kuressaare (for example, Saaremaa Opera Days and Kuressaare Maritime Days) into account when preparing the programme. In cafe Nautleja, time stops and you can enjoy many wonderful moments with your friends and family.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93816
Ristorante La Perla is a place where you come to enjoy different tastes. You can savour the best Italian dishes and wines and have a good time in a great company. You come to La Perla to stay for a little longer ...
Kuressaare, linn, 93819
Arensburg Wine Cellar has probably been in the same place since the beginning of time, but it was rediscovered as late as in 2002, during the renovation work done on the Arensburg Hotel. This discovery put a start to the popular Arensburg Wine Club. The wine cellar has become a popular place for holding special personal events or wine tastings, dinners, and company and Christmas parties. Arensburg Wine Cellar offers the best selection of wines from everywhere in the world and in the cosy and warm atmosphere, you can taste and enjoy all of them.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93816
Sassimaja is a cosy tavern in Leisi, which offers the delicious dishes that locals love and which remind you of your summers spent with your (grand)parents. We offer mashed potatoes with cutlets, fried flounder, and pancakes with jam. We focus on national and local specialties, which is why our meals are made from local raw ingredients. Everyone will find the soup, meal, or dessert of their dreams here.
Leisi alevik, alevik, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94202
Captain’s Tavern was opened on 23 June 1997 on the Victory Day of the Republic of Estonia. Since its opening, Captain’s Tavern has been a popular meeting place among locals and tourists alike, thanks to its authenticity and memorable events. In 2017, the tavern underwent a major renovation, during which it moved to 21 Tallinna tänav in Kuressaare. The sea-themed interior, meals that deliver pure enjoyment, and a cosy stay ensure a relaxed mood at any time, and the Captain is happy to share it with everyone!
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93819
Nasva Club hides a Nordic-style cosy café, the windows and terrace of which afford a wonderful view of the River Nasva and a boat landing, creating a pleasant atmosphere of a fishing village. The café can be accessed conveniently by land and sea. We welcome you to try our delicious meals that combine the traditions of Nasva and the rest of the world.
Nasva alevik, alevik, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93872
A cozy couch bar in the centre of Kuressaare can host 50 people in the winter and an extra 50 in the summer on the terrace in front of the cafe. You can enjoy the nourishing meals, with a smooth chillout music caressing your ears and if you want to taste different cocktails, Chameleon is the right place for spending your night. Lounges usually don't have anything for children, but we have a play room for the little ones. So it's a great place in every way for families, friends or for holding business meetings and other events.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93819
Restaurant Tuul (Wind) has an excellent location and lots of light and it is brightly decorated. The cosy dining spot is located in the centre of Muhu. Using local raw ingredients is important to us. Enjoying a piece of cake in the sunny garden of Tuul will bring you happiness!
Liiva kĂĽla, kĂĽla, Muhu vald, vald, 94701
Restaurant MO is located at the Saare Golf club house, surrounded by green and beautiful golf courses. The Restaurant MO is a country-club style restaurant with a modern European flair, where the emphasis is on the comfort and well-being of our customers. The menu is a combination of contemporary European cuisine and local high-quality raw ingredients. When preparing the food at MO, we want to serve only the best to our customers and offer them an unforgettable experience. The efforts of the team to ensure the well-being of our customers, as well as the breath-taking exquisite views on the surrounding nature from the windows and terrace of the restaurant, are certainly additional arguments for visiting one of the best restaurants in Saaremaa. Welcome!
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93810
Saaremaa has a long tradition of brewing, which is why the Pöide Brewery, located next to the Pöide Castle Church, was re-opened in 2013. The demand for beer grew and Pöide Brewery moved to Kuressaare to make a versatile selection of local beers. Participants will hear about brewing and the history of the brewery and try at least four Pöide craft beers. The tours are organised for a group of at least 10 people and last for about 1.5 hours. We offer tours in Estonian, English, and German. Book a time in advance to visit the brewery.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93813

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