Nature and hiking trails

Nature and hiking trails

Many wonderful nature and hiking trails allow you to get acquainted with the wildlife of Saaremaa and enjoy your adventure in peace

Vilsandi National Park area is particularly rich in hiking trails, there is also the longest and the most popular trail in Saaremaa. It takes you to the famous Kiipsaare lighthouse in the sea, which is located on the Harilaid peninsula. While hiking along the Elda-Soeginina trail in spring, there is a good chance of seeing seals laying on the coast. Some adrenaline junkies can also hike through the water. From the Kuusnõmme peninsula to Vilsandi island is a trail, which passes over the islets. Before heading to that trail, make sure to visit Visitor Centre of Vilsandi National Park to ask about the water level and wind forecast.

Saaremaa has many hiking trails that vary in length and scenery
Vilsandi island is an ideal place for hiking // Photo: Margit Kõrvits

A completely different sight from Vilsandi's coastal nature opens in Koigi bog. Enjoy true peace and tranquility on a four-kilometer-long hiking trail. There you can hear your own steps and the wild animal's noises in the distance. You can take in the beauty of the sillering bog lake from the platform on the edge of the lake and from the observation tower by the trail.

One of the most magical hiking trails is Koigi bog hiking trail
There are many mystical legends about Koigi bog // Photo: Kristina Mägi

You do not have to travel very far from the capital of the island to enjoy nature. Kuressaare's Health Park is a 10-minute walk from the center of Kuressaare. On the Kudjape-Upa nature trail you can play disc golf, for example, to alternate walking. Wonderful orchids await you at the beginning of the summer in the Loode Oak Forest near Kuressaare.

Kuressaare's health park is loved by kids, as well as adults // Photo: MTÜ Visit Saaremaa

There is also a 260 km long hiking trail for true hiking enthusiasts

The trail is not marked, but it provides tips for a long day hiking through the scenic places of Saaremaa. The hiking trail connects several existing study and hiking trails in Saaremaa. The hike is expected to take the hiker to the sea, but also to rapids, forests, meadows, railways, towns, beautiful villages, algae, karst areas and springs.

Hiking trails can be fount by the coast, as well as in the forests // Photo: Kristina Mägi

Saaremaa has such lovely hiking trails, that every child wants to go there

On the St. Soobik hiking trail, you can cross the water barrier, walk on bridges and admire the blooming flowers. Throughout the trail, children are accompanied by great child-friendly characters Soo and Moo. The characters show what can be done at each point and how to behave safely. On the banks of the Salme River, the Hiking track on the Clearing of Suur Tõll has been established. There on a short healthy hiking trail you can test your strength and dexterity through various obstacles related to the Suur Tõll. On this beachfront health trail, which is a few hundred meters long, you will find checkpoints which are equipped with boards of Saaremaa's legends for swinging, balance training and strength training.

Saaremaa offers exciting hiking trails for children as well
Püha-Soobiku hiking trail offers the joy of discovey // Photo: Margit Kõrvits

We can assure you that Saaremaa is not only junipers and coasts, the nature here offers many different sites and sights.

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