Horseback across Saaremaa

Horseback across Saaremaa

Have you ever pictured yourself riding horseback towards the sunset on the coast or feeling like a real princess driving in a beautiful carriage? Well, Saaremaa is just the place to make these dreams come true.

Horse racing competitions are also held in Saaremaa // Photo: Kristina Mägi

The first chance for a riding experience is quite soon after coming from the ferry. In Hellamaa village is the Muhu islands oldest and biggest riding farm Tihuse. On land are 270 horse specimens of the Estonian breed galloping around. The owner of the farm likes to keep the traditions of an ancient Estonian religion alive and considers it important to introduce the ancient culture also to the guests of the farm. And so, the horses of Tihuse farm take you through the beautiful wildlife of Muhu to witness the magic of the woods.

Tihuse tourism farm's owners will lead you to Muhu's mythical tracks // Photo: Kristina Mägi

Horses of the Estonian breed are also waiting for you in the Tika farm near Pöide and are ready to take you horseback into the wild. Depending on the length of a hike, you are taken to plain forest paths, coastal juniper fields or the waterfront. There are suitable horses on Tika farm for skilled riders and beginners. The owner the farm says with a smile that those having their first riding experience have no reason to be afraid as they are given horses who also have their first riding experience.

They will find a suitable horse for every rider // Photo: Lembit Michelson

On Sõrve peninsula there is Teeääre stable which is a newcomer among the riding service providers. In case you feel a bit shaky on horseback, there is a possibility to start slowly with the guidance of an experienced rider. Those more familiar with horses can take a ride to the forest. The owners of the stable are proud of a beautiful open carriage allowing you to feel like a real lady when taking a ride in it. Should you request so, the driver will pick you up anywhere on the island.

You can enjoy a lovely carriage ride in Teeääre Stables // Photo: Teeääre Tall

Kõruse village on Tagamõisa peninsula welcomes all horse lovers on Reinu riding farm where one can choose from a variety of activities. Riding hike along the coast during a sunset, building up one’s first guided riding experience or a horse jumping lesson with the help of a trainer. In other words, it’s a unique place where the temptations of a consumer society are not at hand but the beautiful wildlife of the scarcely populated peninsula with meadows, local orchids, sea eagles etc. are yours to enjoy.


Just choose a farm to your liking and hop on the saddle!

Horses in the evening light // Foto: Reinu ratsatalu

In the village of Jõgela, in Ratsu riding farm one can find a suitable horse for every size and skill level.

Riding on the arena, forest path or a beach, carriage ride - it's all possible on Ratsu riding farm. The tensions and stress of our modernday life can be relieved with riding therapy. Everybody who loves horses are warmly welcome!

You can find a suitable horse for every rider on Ratsu farm

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