Saaremaa has always attracted its guests with our wildlife, history and friendly people. Add some beautiful sandy beaches and joyful culture events for a truly memorable holiday. The top 5 attractions in Saaremaa throughout the years have been:



In addition to traditional attractions, sunny hiking trails, galleries full of art, handicraft workshops, architecture full of history and unspoiled wildlife are yours to discover.

Kiipsaare lighthouse was completed in 1933 and is 26 metres high. Initially, the lighthouse was constructed about 100 m from the coast; however, due to changes in the shoreline, it is now located in sea waters. Because of strong storms and waves, the lighthouse that is standing on a steep coast became tilted years ago. Therefore, the lighthouse received a nickname the Pisa Tower of Saaremaa. Strong gusts of wind and waves pushed the lighthouse into a more upright position later. Good to know: As the lighthouse is located on the territory of Vilsandi National Park, it can only be accessed on foot. The distance from car park to the lighthouse is about 4 km, and the lighthouse can only be viewed from the outside.
Kõruse-Metsaküla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93443
Muhu Adventure Park offers a proper challenge for everybody. The park has places to climb and heights to defeat that are perfect for both the old and the young, as well as for beginners and the advanced. Come alone, bring a partner or a friend and enjoy the adventure and the beautiful nature of Muhumaa! Here, you will find 8 trails of different difficulty that are built onto trees. The total length of the trails is about 1,200 meters. Both adults and children will find something exciting to do here. We also offer the opportunity to take part in children's day camps, hikes, team games, children's yoga, and children's mornings. You can also play paintball and celebrate birthdays.
Piiri küla, küla, Muhu vald, vald, 94730
The unique Kaali Meteoritics and Limestone Museum provides an overview of the study of meteorites in Estonia and around the world, and displays fossils and other discoveries found on the island of Saaremaa. Visit and soak up the powerful energy of the Sihhote-Alini meteorite, or take an opportunity to marvel at the museum's Kaali meteorite films.
Kaali küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94143
St. Madeline's Church in Ruhnu is the oldest known wooden building still standing in Estonia - its construction was started in 1643. After the Ruhnu Swedish left, the purpose of this house of God was forgotten for half a century. The wooden church was newly consecrated in 1999. Good to know: The collection of glass paintings from the Ruhnu wooden church is located in the History Museum in Stockholm. The oldest parts of the building are the polygonal choir and altar, and the nave. The altar is covered with a thin, polished stone slate; the oaken frame stands on sand and is open towards the south.
Ruhnu küla, küla, Ruhnu vald, vald, 93001
At the activity centre, you can spend some lovely time, take a step back in time (for a couple of hundred years), and try everything out on your own. The building, which is nearly 200 years old, includes a hall of guns and armour, a medieval torture chamber, an ancient clothing showroom, and an artisan's workshop. In the courtyard, you can try shooting a bow or a crossbow, pet rabbits, see a water wheel with a unique area for water games, a ballista, a smithy, visit an area for woodwork, try coin minting, play other skill and mind games, and much more. But let us leave that for you to discover. It is possible to organise celebrations and events for groups outside the opening hours of the centre at an agreed price.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93811
In 1646 Livonian governor general Gabriel Oxenstierna had a primitive lighthouse – a beacon – built on a little island located at the tip of Sõrve Peninsula. Autumn storms showed that the small island selected for the beacon was unsuitable and the beacon was relocated to the tip of Sõrve Peninsula. A stone tower was established there in 1770, but it was destroyed in the Second World War. The present cone-shaped lighthouse of monolithic concrete was built in 1960. Interesting facts: • The height of Sõrve Lighthouse from its foot is 52 metres and it is 53 metres above sea level.
Sääre küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93249
The Pöide Church was built in the middle of the 14th century on the ruins of the Pöide Order Castle. The existence of the castle is witnessed by the ruins lying under ground north of the church. Lower parts of the side walls of the church now standing there are the only ones remaining from that period. Near the southern wall of the church, you will see trapezoid-shaped gravestones and their fragments walled into the floor of the choir. Good to know: The Pöide Church is the biggest single nave church in Western Estonia and the islands. The rich carved decor of the church is one of the best examples of Estonian High Gothic. The main portal of the church is situated to the south, not to the west like in other churches.
Pöide küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94520
Adrenaline-filled paintball battles await you at Pidula Holiday Village. Come with an 8-member team and 2 hours of excitement will fly by in a blink of an eye. The package includes 400 bullets, a weapon, a mask, protective clothing and gloves. We can organize battles in other interesting places in Saaremaa as well. A package for 8 people costs 250 euros.
Kallaste küla, küla, Kihelkonna vald, vald, 93462
St. John's Church in Saare County is one of the few baroque country churches built in Estonia before the Great Northern War. It was named after the patriarch of Alexandria, St. John the Merciful, who was the protector of the poor and the sick. The church building was completed around 1703 and rebuilt in 1840. The Late Classicist west tower was completed as late as in 1842. The keystone, which was removed when the tower was being built, was placed in the rock garden of the church. In the church, there is a four-register organ, which still works, although it was built as early as in 1890. Today, the owner and user of the church is the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John of Saare County.
Jaani küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94653
Toomalõuka küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93261

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