Beach holiday

Beach holiday

If you happen to love sunbathing, then Saaremaa is truly a paradise. Prepare your next beach holiday on Saaremaa.

In the heart of Kuressaare, next to the Kuressaare bishop's castle and park, is located Kuressaare beach. This beach is a convenient place for those who prefer to spend their holidays in town. Life-guards keep a watchful eye on swimmers and activities are organised for children and young people by Kuressaare Youth Centre. There is a café in the beach building for refreshments. The beach is suitable for small children due to shallow and warm water.


Only 10 km away from Kuressaare, the most famous sandy beaches of Saaremaa are located, they stretch from Mändjala to Järve. One can comfortably get there by car or ride a bike along a safe cycle track. Nice and peaceful beaches can also be found elsewhere on the island, for example the beaches in Tuhkana or Jõiste villages in North-Saaremaa. Also, Lake Karujärv, known for its clean water and a sandy shore is favoured for swimming. These are a few examples. Saaremaa and Muhu island are surrounded by the sea, so basically you can go and swim around the islands, but on your own risk of course.

Saaremaa is a great choice for the beach holiday. Mandjala beach in Saaremaa is on example.

When going to the beach ....

....keep in mind that not many swimming spots don't have a cafe near. So when packing your beach bag, then also pack your picnic basket. Also keep in mind that after you leave the beach, take all the litter with you, so the people who come after you can enjoy their beach holiday as well. Saaremaa with other West-Estonia islands have been part of the UNESCO biosphere program area "Man and Biosphere" since 1990. This means that islanders have lived in harmony together with nature for centuries and are continuously doing so. Islanders respect the environment they live in, we hope that the quests will do the same.

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