Activities under and on the water

Activities under and on the water

It is nice to do something sea-going on the biggest island of Estonia. You can spend hours in the summer sunbathing in the sun and dipping in salt water on the beautiful sandy beaches of Saaremaa. Water, however, offers much more versatile entertainment.


The coast of Saaremaa is a paradise for kite surfers, as there are many suitable places for kite surfing and surfing on the long coastline. If you have no previous experience with kite surfing, the surfers of the island will make it easy for you to wind up surfing ABC on site. In windy weather, the exciting alternative is paddle surfing.

Kitesurfing is loved by adults and children // Photo: Kristina Mägi

Sails, boards and instructors in capes are also waiting for you on Nasva beach, where you have found the Saaremaa Surfclub. In Nasva, windsurfs glide along the water. If you have previous experience in sailing or snowboarding, you can learn the pitfalls of windsurfing quite quickly. In a couple of days, real beginners will be able to ride. Just let us know when you come and the surfboard will be waiting for you on the beach sand when you arrive.

The favorite spot for windsurfers in Saaremaa is Nasva // Photo: Visit Saaremaa

For the adrenaline junkies we recommend to try wakeboard, waterskies or tube rides. Even if you haven’t tried any of these before, that make it even a better idea now. After some exercise memorable experiences are guaranteed.

Pidula wakeparkis one of the places where you can try wakeboard // Photo: Pidula Wakepark

If you feel that your soul craves for an underwater mysterious world, this is also possible in Saaremaa. Although you won't find light blue water and rainbow-colored fish in the waters of Saaremaa. Instead you can dive into dark wrecks or watch the truth with curious seal pups.


The Baltic Sea, with its shipwrecks, is like a large underwater museum waiting to be visited. Estonia's first “underwater museum” is located in the waters of Saaremaa. It represents four shipwrecks around Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, which according to a museum, are equipped with information boards.


When deeper and longer journeys require a diving license, the first experience of breathing underwater requires only time and effort. After learning the basics of diving, instructors lead beginners to the test dive. This can be your first step in finding a new exciting hobby!

An underwater museum awaits you in the waters of Saaremaa // Photo: MTÜ Lääne-Eesti Turism

You don't always have to be in the water to enjoy the water. You can also get an indelible experience on a sea trip. Whether it's a romantic sunset boat ride, a canoe or kayak trip or a seal watching tour. Those caught with a fishing bug can wake up before the dawn to catch a trap with local fishermen. The fortress Hoppet, which is the only surviving Estonian sailing ship, also resides in the Kuressaare Marina. Unlike small boats, Hoppet can even go out with a larger group of people. In addition to enjoying the sea air, the onboard kitchen also allows you to enjoy a good meal and a drink.


Kaljas Hoppet's home port is Kuressaare // Photo: Kaljas Hoppet

Find your swimsuit and make Saaremaa your destination as a watery experience worth remembering is guaranteed!

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