From a treehouse to a romantic manor

From a treehouse to a romantic manor

Don’t want to face trouble when finding accommodation on the island in summer? Choose your place to stay today! Although Saaremaa has the biggest number of accommodation places among the counties of Estonia (286 accommodation places with ca 6,000 beds), it may still be quite a challenge to find accommodation in a suitable place at a suitable price during the peak of summer.


Should you prefer having silk-soft white bed linen, being pampered with different treatments and enjoying delicious food, run through the list of Saaremaa hotels. There are nine spa-hotels in Saaremaa and another equal number of hotels without a spa. Nice accommodation places can be found in and outside Kuressaare. All Saaremaa hotels are listed here


In case, instead of comfort and luxury, you are excited about closeness to the nature, holiday farms may be for you. They can be found all over the island, in different sizes, level of comfort and price. All Saaremaa holiday farms are listed here


If you are a backpacker who values lower prices, we can recommend choosing from a number of holiday villages or hostels of Saaremaa. Today, a camping site does not mean windy houses crammed up with people in bunk-beds. A holiday village means cosy little cabins in a forest area and among hostels you can find places with double rooms equipped with WC and shower, thus meeting the needs of also those travellers looking for higher standards. All holiday villages and hostels are listed here


If you are looking forward to your accommodation experience to be truly memorable, fear not, Saaremaa has a solution just for you. Those, favouring more ascetic conditions, can stay overnight in RMK forest huts which have no water or power supply. Or if the first thing you want to see in the morning is a cute bunny, then you can stay at the zoo islet of Pidula Forell.


A proper island generally means windmills. Why not stay overnight in a windmill? With the sea rustling in the background, you are welcome in the windmills of Ohessaare, Mardi farm,  Kongi farm in the middle of junipers or in a newly renovated windmill in Ennu village. Should you wish to wear a gorgeous summer dress and feel like a true lady, you might want to consider spending a night in some of the romantic manors of Saaremaa.

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