Best of the best in Saaremaa

Best of the best in Saaremaa

Any Estonian probably knows the sentence “We have the biggest junipers here and we have the biggest stones…”. This is how a man from Muhu island describes his home-island in a classic Estonian movie “Here We Are”. Well, true he is. Anyway, there are quite a number of places worth mentioning in Saaremaa, starting with Saaremaa being the biggest island in Estonia and on this very island you can find the geographical midpoint of Europe.

In addition to that we have Kuressaare castle-fortification which is the best preserved mediaeval fortress in the Baltic countries. In the castle, of which the first written records date back to 1380, is the oldest and biggest museum of the island, the most beautiful view on Kuressaare as well the highest café in Kuressaare.

Kuressaare castle // Photo: Juhani Särglep

Kaali meteorite craters are the best accessible and exposed group of craters in Europe. Among the biggest craters in the world, Kaali ranks number eight.

Angla windmills which are one of the best preserved windmill groups in Estonia stand next to the Angla Heritage Culture Centre, where one of the biggest collections of ancient tools in Estonia is exhibited.

Panga steep bluff, which is the highest one in West-Estonia, is 21.3 m high and extends to 2.5 km. On the highest spot of the coast, there is an ancient sacrificing place where people of old times used to bring sacrifices to the sea.

Sõrve lighthouse with its height of 52 meters is the highest one in Saaremaa.  In addition, this is the place in Saaremaa nearest to Latvia and in good weather conditions, we can see our neighbours oversea.

Sõrve tuletorn Saaremaa
Sõrve lighthouse // Photo: Juhani Särglep

Nootamaa island which is the westernmost spot of Estonia, is uninhabited islet of 5.8 ha on the territory of the Vilsandi National Park. It is the home for the biggest mammals of the Baltic Sea – seals. And probably because of this place having the biggest number of sunshine hours in Estonia, seals like to sunbathe here.

Raunamägi is the highest point of Viidumäe nature protection area as well as of the whole Saaremaa, reaching 54 m above the sea level. Here one can also find the highest watch tower of 30 m allowing spectacular views over the woods and forests.

All these best of the best places can be visited during winter months as well, just get in a car and make a memorable tour in Saaremaa.

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