Maritime Activities in Saaremaa

Maritime Activities in Saaremaa

On the biggest island of Estonia, Saaremaa, it would be nice to get engaged in some sea-related activities. The selection of activities ranges from those on water to those under water.


The shores of Saaremaa are a paradise for dragon surfers as the long coastline offers a lot of suitable places for racing over the water with a dragon surf or sail board. In case of less windy days, SUP is an exciting alternative.


Mandjala surfclub


The coast of Saaremaa is also highly suitable for kayaking as there is an access to the sea almost anywhere. It is just a pleasure to enjoy the sun shimmering on water and let the time go by while sliding over the waters in a kayak. It is not a rare case that a seal would pop out of the sea right in front of the kayak, wondering about this “weird animal”.


The underwater world hides exciting finds, therefore diving is something worth doing. The underwater cliff at Panga, the adventurous seals of Vilsandi National Park or ship wrecks in the bottom of the Riga Gulf are well worth discovering!



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