Hunting in Saaremaa

Hunting in Saaremaa

Rich in wild animals, Saaremaa forests attract hunters as elks, deer and wild boars are common here. Many hunters dream, the red deer with its big antlers, can aslo most commonly be found in Saaremaa. Wild boars can be hunted almost all year round. A moderate climate allows wild boars to breed easily. The islanders complain about wild boars being a nuisance as they dig up potato and hayfields. Hunting in Saaremaa is possible almost all year round and in different ways.

Hunters' memorandum


No one can go hunting on their own - hunters are hosted by a number of holiday farms in Saaremaa and hunting tourists are taken to the forest under the guidance of experienced game wardens. For many years, Jurna Tourist Farm has been hosting huntsmen outside the island. In collaboration with Saaremaa's hunting society, many huting packages are put together for those, who are interested.


It is worth remembering for those who come to hunt to bring their own weapon and send the hunting organizer a copy of your hunting certificate and a big game shooting permit. Before you go hunting, also read the good practices of hunting from Estonia's Hunters' Society, which says:


  • have respect for the nature, animals and land ownership;
  • as a huntsman, be proper;
  • never leave a wounded animal into the forest;
  • have respect for the prey that you have caught;
  • handle your hunting weapon safely;
  • be a good hunting-buddy;
  • hunting dog is a friend and a companion.
Hunting in Saaremaa is common, Sometimes the prey can also become a hunter
Sometimes the prey can also become a hunter // Photo: Visit Saaremaa



When your soul desires to be in the forest, but you rather wouldn't do it with a weapon, then maybe photohunt is suitable for you. Experienced tour guide will take you along and show you the best places to shoot beautiful pictures of the birds and animals. Often, you have to wait many hours in dead silence for only one good picture, but in the end, it's totally worth it.

For hunting in Saaremaa one doesn't have to kill an animal, photohunting is a great hunting alternative
If you are interested in nature photograpy, then you should keep an eye on for many interesting expeditions // Photo: Remo Savisaar

You can read more and look up pictures about Saaremaa nature from the travel magazine VISIT SAAREMAA. You can read about "Saaremaa safari" on pages 56-59, accompanied by the stunning nature photos by nature photographer Karl Jakob Toplaan. Article "The nature of Saaremaa touches the soul" and beautiful nature photos by Martin Vesberg can be found on pages 56-59.


Saaremaa with other West-Estonia islands is part of UNESCO biosphere program area "Mand and Biosphere". This is acknowledgment that islanders have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. We respect the nature and hope that the guests of the islands will do the same.

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