Fishing in Saaremaa

Fishing in Saaremaa

Fish has always been important for islanders. With hot potatoes and salted fish on the table, people used to get through poor times when food was in scarce.


The fishing season is opened early in spring by roach appearing in our waters. They are followed by herring, tench and pike and sometimes by whitefish and trout. Nice fat flatfish are waiting for their catchers not earlier than July or August. On a hot day in the middle of summer, it is useless to hope for a rich catch since the fish have simply escaped into colder waters.


In some places, fishermen take those interested in fishing to the sea with them, be it for fishing nets in the open sea or traps near the shore. The easiest and most reliable way for a tourist to catch fish is to do so on a fish farm. Those interested in angling or fishing with a trolling line, have to bring their own fishing equipment and obtain a fishing permit at the Environmental Board (


Should you have truly bad luck in catching a fish, go to Nasva village, nothing can compete with their smoked fish!

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