Golf in Saaremaa

Golf in Saaremaa

You have many different opportunities to enjoy golf in Saaremaa. The mild maritime climate of Saaremaa allows a long golf season from May to November, if not longer. Saare Golf 18-hole golf course is located within 15-minute walk from the city centre, old town ans spas. The course is designed by the well-known Finnish course architect Lassi Pekka Tilander. The surrounding landscape turns the course into a painting with an ideal composition. The Club Building accommodates a high quality restaurant Mo, the menu of which has been inspired by the local food of Saaremaa.


Up to 30 golfers can train their skills at the same time, the facility includes a driving range, 2 par 3 holes, practice bunkers, putting and chipping greens. Green Card is not a must, children and beginners as well as advanced golfers are welcome to play.


You can read more about picturesque and challenging Saare Golf golf course from destination magazine Visit Saaremaa. The article is found on pages 100 - 103.

The Saare Golf golf course is one of the best in Estonia // Photo: Saare Golf


If a full size golf course seems like a challenge, maybe try minigolf first? You can try that at Holiday Village Suur Tõll. While playing on their nine courses, you can also get to learn about Saaremaa's history and culture at the same time. How, you ask? All of their golf courses are designed to introduce some of the most famous sights on the island. So it's quite possible to knock over Kuressaare's bishop's castle with your golf ball.

Mini-Golf course in Holiday Village Suur Tõll // Photo: Maanus Masing - Saarte Hääl


In addition to regular golf and minigolf, there is a new kid on the block. Discgolf is getting more and more popular, game content is basically the same, but instead of a ball and a golf club, you have to use a frisbee and a basket. There are many places you can practice discgolf, you can find out more from here.

Discgolf is getting more and more popular // Photo: Kristi Unt

When going into the nature, please keep in mind that Saaremaa with other West-Estonia islands is part of UNESCO biosphere program "Man and Biosphere", this means that we, islanders, have lived in harmony together with nature and are continuously doing so. We respect the environment we live in and we expect that from our guests as well.

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