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Photo: Margit Kõrvits

Focusing on Rare Plants 

„Nothing grows in Saaremaa but junipers and pines,” is a line from a song that paints a rather skewed picture…

Home: Ansuvälja 2.0 

The family of Eva-Lisa and Ain Kollo moved into the Ansuvälja farm – house 19 years ago. Their initial structural…

Our wild nature is abundant. This image shows Estonia’s largest mammal, the elk, near the Viidumäe Nature Reserve. Viidumäe is also the most thickly forested region on the island. Photo: Priidu Saart

Safari of Islands 

It is quite diffi cult to avoid nature when growing up on Saaremaa. Consequently, I also developed an interest in…


The people of Saaremaa have stood out for their green way of thinking – in 2020, Saare County was chosen…

Photo: Ulrike Möhler

Holidaymakers on Wheels 

Anne and Felix are a nice couple from Germany who fi rst found their way to Saaremaa in 2014, while…

Photo: Piret Ots

Nightless Night 

Midsummer is one of the most awaited times of the year and Midsummer Eve is one of the most magical…