Aktiviteter under och på vatten

Aktiviteter under och på vatten

The city beach near Kuressaare castle, kilometres long sandy beach in Mändjala and the windy coasts in the northern part of Saaremaa are widely known. These are the places where people spend hours sun and sea bathing in summertime. Still, water offers a variety of entertainment.


Mändjala Surfclub gives you a chance to rush on the waves on a surf board with a kite. Should you have never tried it out before, the surfing ABC will be taught to you on spot very quickly. Windless days are perfect for using a SUP-board. Mandjala surfclub


Sails, boards and men in calypsos are waiting for you also in Nasva village where Saaremaa Surfclub has its home. If in Mändjala the main attraction is dragons, in Nasva windsurfing is the key activity. Should you have previous experience in sailing or snowboarding, the skill of windsurfing comes quickly. Anyway, it takes only a couple of days for total beginners to be able to use a sail board. Just let us know about you arriving and a sail board will be ready for you. www.saaremaasurf.ee


If you feel excited about the magic world under the water, Saaremaa offers an opportunity for exploration. Although, Saaremaa cannot take pride in bright blue water or rainbow-colored fish like in the southward countries, it offers an opportunity to dive to the ship-wrecks with gloomy history or to meet curious seals. To dive very deep or to take longer diving trips requires a special licence which is not needed for gaining first experience in breathing under the water for which just time and setting off is required. After learning the basics of diving, the instructors will take the beginning divers to a test diving and it may well be your first step towards a new exciting hobby. Barrakuuda Pringeldivers


Snorkelling is another way to get introduced to the life under the water with no scubas needed. The sea-world is explored from the water surface with a mask and a breathing tube. The host of Toomalõuka holiday farm takes you on the sea in a boat, provides the required equipment and you are ready to discover the new and interesting world. www.toomaloukaturism.ee


Those looking for a different excitement are welcome to  Oja camping www.ojacamping.ee, as in these places you can find water skis and tubes. Sliding over the water, pulled behind a boat allows one to experience the freshness of the sea and when raising the speed, the level of adrenaline.


Find your swimsuit and make Saaremaa your destination as a watery experience worth remembering is guaranteed!

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