Hiking in Spring

Hiking in Spring

The wildlife in Saaremaa is stunning during any season. There is no need to wait for summer to enjoy fresh air and memorable views. We suggest looking for the beauty of the island already in spring, when you can see things, that you can’t in any other season.


In March we suggest you put on warm clothes, take binoculars, a thermos flask and make your way to the Vilsandi National Park, which is home for the grey seals. When in summer one has to take a boat trip to the sea to watch them, then in spring they spend time with their „small kids“ on the shore. When walking along the coast of Soeginina, there is a good chance to meet them laying on the waterfront. As seals are curious animals, they stick their noses out from water to see who’s come.


In April, hiking in Koigi bog is a fascinating thing to do. Big forest groves and broad fields have been replaced by open views and single stunted pine trees. The 4 km long trail allows enjoying peace and silence, the only sounds arise from your own footsteps and far away animals. The beauty of a bog lake can be best admired from the platform at the lake as well as the watch tower at the trail. Those having a really keen eye may even notice the bog sprites who, according to a legend, guard the treasure hidden in the lake of Koigi bog. More information on Koigi bog here.


In May, it is once again time to use binoculars, this time for bird-watching. Saaremaa is a perfect place for bird-watching as it is located on the migration route of many bird species. April and May are the high season of spring migration. The best hours for bird-watching are during sunrise and sunset. The area of Vilsandi National Park is considered the best but actually there are a number of other places in Saaremaa for bird-watching.


The Sõrve peninsula with many islets and juniper fields are legendary among bird-watchers. There are also superb bird-watching opportunities in Kuressaare. Several towers have been built for bird-watching near Kuressaare Bay and Linnulaht (Bird Bay). The book „Eesti linnuvaatleja teejuht“ by Margus Ots and Uku Paal is perfect for people who’d like to inquire more information about birds.


So, find your weather-proof garments, pack everything you need and mark nature as your next destination.

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