Saaremaa attractions

Saaremaa has always attracted its guests with our wildlife, history and friendly people. Add some beautiful sandy beaches and joyful culture events for a truly memorable holiday. The top 6 Saaremaa attractions throughout the years have been:


  • Kuressaare bishopric castle-fortification, telling a colourful story of the past of Saaremaa with its rooms full of history. Today the castle houses the Saaremaa Museum.
  • Kaali meteorite crater, demonstrating the power and unpredictability of the nature. The approximate time of Kaali meteorite fall is 7500-7600 years ago. Meteorite fall caused big damages on already inhabited Saaremaa, it could be compared to explosion of atomic bomb.
  • Angla windmill hill and heritage culture centre, teaching us about ancient traditions and way of life. Four out of the five windmills on Angla Windmill mount are typical trestle windmills characteristic of the island of Saaremaa. A slightly taller windmill is Dutch-style windmill. At Angla heritage cultural centre you can take part of number of workshops - trying your hand at pottery, felting, bread-making and more.
  • Panga bluff, painting a picture of the Ice Age, crust uplift and ancient plant and insect fossils. Panga cliff is the highest bedrock outcrop in western Estonia and its islands.
  • Vilsandi National Park, allowing us to admire the beauty of wildlife in orchids, flocks of migrating birds and lighthouses. Vilsandi is the oldest nature protection area in the Baltics, founded as a bird reserve in 1910.
  • Sääre lighthouse, which is the highest with it’s 52 meters in the Baltic Sea, guarantees a beautiful view to the surroundings from the viewing platform
Top attractions in Kuressaare
Top attractions on Saaremaa

In addition to traditional attractions...

... sunny hiking trails, galleries full of art, handicraft workshops, architecture full of history and unspoiled wildlife are yours to discover. For more inspiration read our travel magazine Visit Saaremaa online here. From the magazine you will find inspiration for where to go and what to do, what to eat on the island. You can read about local folk clothing and bonnets (tanud) and about the convent at Reomäe. Saaremaa waits to be discovered!

Keywords of the hotel are simplicity, privacy, uniqueness, naturality, friendliness and caring service. The aquatic centre includes an indoor and outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, modern Finnish saunas, sanarium and a steam sauna. You can also enjoy underwater massage in the big pool. The pool and the activity room put your time to good use and keep you fit both mentally and physically. Many relaxing treatments also await in the spa.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93813
This 18-hole golf course was designed by renowned Finnish golf architect Lassi Pekka Tilander. His aim was to create a championship-type golf course suited to hosting international tournaments. Up to 30 golfers can practise on the course at any one time – the practice area has 2 putting greens and 2 holes for chipping and bunker shots. Saare Golf is a short walk from Kuressaare Castle, the town centre and hotels. Thanks to its contemporary design, the course will challenge and inspire all players, be they amateurs or professionals.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93810
The science theatre takes you to a kind of a magic world filled with incredible experiments. If we did not explain the experiments, you would probably think you are seeing real wizards. In fact, it is chemistry that is full of colours, fumes, fires, and bangs. We provide fun and understandable explanations and a carefully planned selection of experiments. We also involve spectators in the tests so you will remember the visit for a long time. The Science Theatre is usually located at the Medieval Activity Centre Archebald, but we can also come to a place of your choice.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93811
Come and enjoy an active vacation on the artificial sports court at Pidula Forell Holiday Village. The illuminated court is full sized and it is possible to play tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, and badminton there. Organise a sports tournament or a sports day with your friends or family. Right next to the court, there is a tennis house with a toilet as well as washing and dressing rooms. A visit to the sauna in the evening is a perfect ending to a day of tennis. We also rent tennis equipment! Guests of the holiday house can use the court for free by booking it beforehand. Prices: - tennis court rent – 6 euros per h; - racket rent – 4 euros for up to 2 h; - a box of tennis balls – 12 euros.
Kallaste küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93462
In 2012, a unique fishing museum was opened in the fishnet shed at the Port of Koguva. All the exhibits are from the farms in the Koguva village, especially from the Tõnise farm, whose owner refused to join a collective farm and kept the doors of his barns locked, so that the property was not taken to a collective farm. The unique interior of the fishnet shed also offers the opportunity to enjoy the menu of the café at the Port of Koguva.
Koguva küla, küla, Muhu vald, vald, 94724
St. Madeline's Church in Ruhnu is the oldest known wooden building still standing in Estonia - its construction was started in 1643. After the Ruhnu Swedish left, the purpose of this house of God was forgotten for half a century. The wooden church was newly consecrated in 1999. Good to know: The collection of glass paintings from the Ruhnu wooden church is located in the History Museum in Stockholm. The oldest parts of the building are the polygonal choir and altar, and the nave. The altar is covered with a thin, polished stone slate; the oaken frame stands on sand and is open towards the south.
Ruhnu küla, küla, Ruhnu vald, vald, 93001
Are you looking for an exciting active vacation option with family or friends? Want to put yourself to the test and flex your muscles? Hallikivi Adventure Park in Saaremaa is the perfect place, offering outdoor recreation through different activities. Good to know:  - the area of the adventure park is about one hectare; - there are four different and unique tracks, all of which are located in a beautiful pine forest;  - you can enjoy a 120 m zip-line; - there is a track for children and a playground for small children; - there is a total of 250 m of zip-lines; - you can celebrate birthdays in the picnic area/building. Come and enjoy an active vacation in the nature!
Vennati küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93530
Diving is an exciting sport which does not require great physical effort or special skills but is relaxing and guarantees splendid adventures. Barrakuuda Diving Club and Pidula Trout Holiday Village are inviting you to Saarema, to rest and try out diving. Visitors can try diving for €32, which includes theory lessons, a full gear set, and diving. It is also possible to go on trips that start at the Veere port at Saaremaa. 
Kallaste küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93462
Saaremaa Art Studio is an art centre that combines a gallery, an art school, and a creative space. At the gallery that is located in the centre of Kuressaare, you can visit exhibitions of artists, buy the art of the best artists in Estonia in a pop-up shop, and take a look at the ceramics made on site. There are studios that can be rented for creative work and product presentations. The art school regularly organises art courses and events. The professional art teachers of the studio help you in organising an exciting and creative holiday. We also organise corporate events and art training sessions for groups.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93819
The vessel uisk was a symbol of Muhumaa on Väinameri Sea for almost 1,000 years. The vessel was called huisk before, which meant snake or worm. This word was also used to describe the viking ships of Saaremaa, that attacked the territories of the Bishopric of Riga and took part in raids to Scandinavia. The uisk is probably one of the oldest types of sailing ships in Estonia. The revival and rebuilding of the ancient ship started in Koguva port in 2009. During the project, a traditional uisk vessel will be built, which will be 15 metres long and 5.2 metres wide.
Kuivastu küla, küla, Muhu vald, vald, 94702

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