Saaremaa attractions

Saaremaa has always attracted its guests with our wildlife, history and friendly people. Add some beautiful sandy beaches and joyful culture events for a truly memorable holiday. The top 6 Saaremaa attractions throughout the years have been:


  • Kuressaare bishopric castle-fortification, telling a colourful story of the past of Saaremaa with its rooms full of history. Today the castle houses the Saaremaa Museum.
  • Kaali meteorite crater, demonstrating the power and unpredictability of the nature. The approximate time of Kaali meteorite fall is 7500-7600 years ago. Meteorite fall caused big damages on already inhabited Saaremaa, it could be compared to explosion of atomic bomb.
  • Angla windmill hill and heritage culture centre, teaching us about ancient traditions and way of life. Four out of the five windmills on Angla Windmill mount are typical trestle windmills characteristic of the island of Saaremaa. A slightly taller windmill is Dutch-style windmill. At Angla heritage cultural centre you can take part of number of workshops - trying your hand at pottery, felting, bread-making and more.
  • Panga bluff, painting a picture of the Ice Age, crust uplift and ancient plant and insect fossils. Panga cliff is the highest bedrock outcrop in western Estonia and its islands.
  • Vilsandi National Park, allowing us to admire the beauty of wildlife in orchids, flocks of migrating birds and lighthouses. Vilsandi is the oldest nature protection area in the Baltics, founded as a bird reserve in 1910.
  • Sääre lighthouse, which is the highest with it’s 52 meters in the Baltic Sea, guarantees a beautiful view to the surroundings from the viewing platform
Top attractions in Kuressaare
Top attractions on Saaremaa

In addition to traditional attractions...

... sunny hiking trails, galleries full of art, handicraft workshops, architecture full of history and unspoiled wildlife are yours to discover. For more inspiration read our travel magazine Visit Saaremaa online here. From the magazine you will find inspiration for where to go and what to do, what to eat on the island. You can read about local folk clothing and bonnets (tanud) and about the convent at Reomäe. Saaremaa waits to be discovered!

Kiipsaare lighthouse was completed in 1933 and is 26 metres high. Initially, the lighthouse was constructed about 100 m from the coast; however, due to changes in the shoreline, it is now located in sea waters. Because of strong storms and waves, the lighthouse that is standing on a steep coast became tilted years ago. Therefore, the lighthouse received a nickname the Pisa Tower of Saaremaa. Strong gusts of wind and waves pushed the lighthouse into a more upright position later. Good to know: As the lighthouse is located on the territory of Vilsandi National Park, it can only be accessed on foot. The distance from car park to the lighthouse is about 4 km, and the lighthouse can only be viewed from the outside.
Kõruse-Metsaküla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93443
The St. Jacob's Church was built in the 13th century. The church is one of the oldest buildings in Saaremaa and it was built as a fortified church. Besides the baroque altar, another valuable element of the church's interior is the chancel that was built in 1793, with dominating classicist forms (the urn crowning the sounding board). On the outer side of the choir, you can see clean-surfaced broken dolomite walls. Good to know: St. Jacob's Church is the only church in Estonia mentioned in old scrolls With its Rococo elements, the altar wall of St. Jacob's Church is an almost exact copy of the altar of the Dome Church in Riga.
Püha küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94117
All-natural materials and crafts made with love. Simple design. It is these principles that are the basis for all Sarapiku felt products. Real things. Made from real wool. We look forward to welcoming you at a modern handicraft farm. Here, you can pet sheep and participate in workshops. You can get to know the daily activities of the felt shop, talk with the family, and buy our products. Call us in advance!
Kaubi küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93882
The theme park offers services both indoors and outdoors. Activities take place all year round, but in the low season, you can visit the park by reservation only. In the lime park, you can walk on the hiking trail and learn about the lime production process based on old lime kilns. It is also possible to have a picnic. The theme park is also open to students and lecturers of educational and research institutions to conduct research.
Mõisaküla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93317
Clay Workshop is an open studio where ceramics are made and art is sold, and which also organises workshops, audiovisual events and exhibitions. Ceramics are fired in gas and wood-heated ovens.
Kuressaare, linn, 93815
This building with its hipped metal roof and limestone first floor blends in perfectly with the roof landscape that characterises the Old Town of Kuressaare. The department store houses the shops "Rahva Raamat", R-Kiosk, Vekkeri Kellaäri (Watch Shop), Elisa and Tele2 (Mobile Telephone), Reisibüroo (Travel Agency) Estravel.  Good to know: A committee of specialists named Ferrumi as the best building in Kuressaare in 2002.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93819
Kuressaare Theatre, which is thought to have been constructed in the early 19th century, has previously played host to the Estonian Society and was also the summer home of the Secret Adviser of St Petersburg. With a history rich in tradition, the building was given a new lease on life in the early 1990s when cultural figures from the island of Saaremaa were once again gripped by the utopian idea of restoring the theatre. And today that's what we have once more - Kuressaare Theatre, in its very own building!
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93819
At the Kalev Chocolate Store in Kuressaare you'll find a wide range of Kalev treats, including hand-made chocolates and marzipan.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93819
Sõrve Visitor Centre has exhibitions on the maritime history of the area and on twenty of the most important lighthouses in Estonia. There are also areas for children, to watch films and to sit and relax. The display on the 1st floor showcases twenty key lighthouses in the country, all of which are represented by detailed scale models. You can also take a look at old lighthouse journals and sea charts. On the 2nd floor you'll find out about all of the ships that have foundered in the surrounding waters and read stories of amazing rescues. There are also some unique displays.
Sääre küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93249
The pool in our aquatic centre offers different underwater massages and is suitable for bathers, those who want to exercise or just enjoy the water. If you prefer the sauna, our sanarium, steam sauna and Finnish sauna are at your disposal. After the sauna you can plunge into the cooling cold water pool next to the Finnish sauna. It is especially nice to relax in the warm jacuzzi.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93813

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