Saaremaa attractions

Saaremaa has always attracted its guests with our wildlife, history and friendly people. Add some beautiful sandy beaches and joyful culture events for a truly memorable holiday. The top 6 Saaremaa attractions throughout the years have been:


  • Kuressaare bishopric castle-fortification, telling a colourful story of the past of Saaremaa with its rooms full of history. Today the castle houses the Saaremaa Museum.
  • Kaali meteorite crater, demonstrating the power and unpredictability of the nature. The approximate time of Kaali meteorite fall is 7500-7600 years ago. Meteorite fall caused big damages on already inhabited Saaremaa, it could be compared to explosion of atomic bomb.
  • Angla windmill hill and heritage culture centre, teaching us about ancient traditions and way of life. Four out of the five windmills on Angla Windmill mount are typical trestle windmills characteristic of the island of Saaremaa. A slightly taller windmill is Dutch-style windmill. At Angla heritage cultural centre you can take part of number of workshops - trying your hand at pottery, felting, bread-making and more.
  • Panga bluff, painting a picture of the Ice Age, crust uplift and ancient plant and insect fossils. Panga cliff is the highest bedrock outcrop in western Estonia and its islands.
  • Vilsandi National Park, allowing us to admire the beauty of wildlife in orchids, flocks of migrating birds and lighthouses. Vilsandi is the oldest nature protection area in the Baltics, founded as a bird reserve in 1910.
  • Sääre lighthouse, which is the highest with it’s 52 meters in the Baltic Sea, guarantees a beautiful view to the surroundings from the viewing platform
Top attractions in Kuressaare
Top attractions on Saaremaa

In addition to traditional attractions...

... sunny hiking trails, galleries full of art, handicraft workshops, architecture full of history and unspoiled wildlife are yours to discover. For more inspiration read our travel magazine Visit Saaremaa online here. From the magazine you will find inspiration for where to go and what to do, what to eat on the island. You can read about local folk clothing and bonnets (tanud) and about the convent at Reomäe. Saaremaa waits to be discovered!

Kudjape alevik, alevik, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93892
St. John's Church in Saare County is one of the few baroque country churches built in Estonia before the Great Northern War. It was named after the patriarch of Alexandria, St. John the Merciful, who was the protector of the poor and the sick. The church building was completed around 1703 and rebuilt in 1840. The Late Classicist west tower was completed as late as in 1842. The keystone, which was removed when the tower was being built, was placed in the rock garden of the church. In the church, there is a four-register organ, which still works, although it was built as early as in 1890. Today, the owner and user of the church is the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John of Saare County.
Jaani küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94653
The construction of Valjala Church was started in 1227. The oldest part of the church is the choir room to which the nave was later added. At Valjala Church you can see a Romanesque baptismal font from the 13th century, which is believed to be one of the most unique pieces of carved stonework in the Baltic states. In the choir room of the church you can marvel the murals which depict six apostles and are painted at the time when the original chapel was built - the later choir room part. Good to know: * Valjala Church is the oldest stone church built on the territory of Estonia. * In the third quarter of the 13th century, the church was transformed into a fortified church * The church tower was built in the 17th century above the vestry.
Valjala alevik, alevik, Saaremaa vald, vald
One of the oldest department stores in Saaremaa is in the centre of Kuressaare. You can find anything from household goods to cosmetics on the two floors. A phone store, pet shop and pharmacy are on the first floor of the department store. Parking is easy: just use the large guarded car park behind the store.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93814
The mill was constructed in 1899 on the location of the Kuressaare First Apostolic Orthodox Church. The windmill was operational until 1941. After the war, it was used as a storage and the living quarters of the miller were used as a flat. In order to improve catering options in Kuressaare, the mill was rebuilt into a café. During the renovations, an effort was made to preserve the original structures of the Dutch stone windmill. In 1974, Café Veski was opened for visitors. Immediately after opening, the café became one of the most popularplaces in town, and today, it is the oldest working catering business in Kuressaare.
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93814
Our small unique spa provides visitors with comfort and privacy. The spa offers a variety of treatments and massages for women, men, children, and young people, as well as a wide selection of different baths. We use products by the leading French cosmetics brand Cinq Mōndes and the magnificient Japanese brand Forlle'd. In addition to enjoying our warm water swimming pool, you can relax in our hot tub as well as our Finnish and steam saunas. Smaller groups can book the cosy infrared or private sauna, which also includes a Finnish and a steam sauna, and a spacious relaxation room with a hot tub. Throughout the year, we offer exciting training courses and seminars in our Tervise Boutique (Health Boutique) series.    
Kuressaare linn, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93816
In 2008, two wrecks of ancient ships were discovered in the ground in Salme rural municipality which changed the course of naval history. This is the oldest ship wreck found in Estonia that dates back to the 8th century. The ship was discovered with the skeletal remains of seven people, two swords, a couple of spear heads, about ten knives, gaming pieces and some dice. According to archaeologists, this find is unique in the entire Europe because never before has anyone discovered a so-called warrior burial dating from that period and containing so many fallen warriors. The ancient ships were covered with soil after research was completed. Today, a row of concrete benches indicating the size of the ships and an information board stand at the site.
Salme alevik, alevik, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93201
Hotel Saaremaa Spa is ideal for those who value personalised service and privacy. The Thalasso sauna complex has infrared, Finnish, steam, and salt saunas. The hot tub has a refreshing effect. The jacuzzi offers total relaxation along with the adjacent recreation area with a fireplace and a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. The Thalasso sauna also gives visitors the chance to make the most of natural sea salt and a range of sea mud masks. Professionals from Thailand offer exotic Thai massages. We also welcome families with children who can stay in two-storied family rooms. Children can enjoy children's treatments in the spa.
Mändjala küla, küla, Saaremaa vald, vald, 93871
This former sea rescue station, originating from the tsarist era, was completed on the Sjustaka cape by the end of 1876. At around the same time, the Ruhnu lighthouse and a new pastoral building (current schoolhouse) were also completed. During the time of kolkhozes, the sea rescue station was moved from the original location on the Sjustaka cape to the coast, by the Ringsu harbour facilities, the construction of which began in 1958. It was moved in one piece by being pulled on the ice. The building was later used as a shipyard for fishing boats. Nowadays, the sea rescue boathouse is a cultural centre, which organises exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, seminars, workshops, and courses.  
Ruhnu küla, küla, Ruhnu vald, vald, 93001
Leisi adventure trail awaits in the centre of Leisi, in a beautiful small pine forest. Many obstacles from different ropes, nets, and cables have been built between the trees (up to 150 cm from the ground) and it takes balance, skills, and strength to tackle these. This is a great place to test yourself physically and to get a rush of adrenaline. The low adventure trail is perfect for children. Useful information: completing the trail is on your own responsibility and no special safety equipment is used.
Leisi alevik, alevik, Saaremaa vald, vald, 94202

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