9 best restaurants in Saaremaa and Muhu

9 best restaurants in Saaremaa and Muhu

What is the White Guide?

What is ’Estonian Flavours Today’?


The White Guide is the leading restaurant guide in the Nordic countries. This quality system, launched in Sweden in 2005, has expanded to Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe islands and Estonia.


The White Guide team anonymously visits hundreds of restaurants each year and at the end of the year ranks them according to quality of food, level of service, innovation in approach and general atmosphere. According to the total of points gained, the restaurants are divided into categories. Here you can find the best restaurants in Saaremaa and Muhu in 2020.

Alexander Restaurant at Pädaste Manor

Alexander Restaurant at PädasteManor, the sixth best restaurant in Estonia, has been a top restaurant for years. Alexander has snatched the first position from the grand eateries of Tallinn several times. It is definitely a restaurant that no proper fine diner should miss. The traditional cooking of Muhu and ultramodern technology are skilfully combined in the restaurant.



"Alexander" restaurant at Pädaste manor, hand holding a lid up
"Alexander" restaurant at Pädaste manor


Restaurant of KuressaarKuursaal

The White Guide team has given a considerable number of points to the fish restaurant Ku-Kuu, located in the park of Kuressaare Castle. Every fish dish lover should go to Kuressaare Kuursaal in summer. The chef Toomas Leedu, a passionate fisherman himself, adds credibility to his restaurant’s high standards. Ku-Kuu serves the freshest fish on the island, i.e. the fish that have been caught the same morning.


Restaurant Ku-Kuu's fish, egg and black bread on the plate
Restaurant Ku-Kuu


Hafen is a light, colourful harbour restaurant. It is the newest restaurant in Saaremaa offering dishes that combine local tastes with world cuisine. No client should miss the salad of spiced Baltic sprats with roast potatoes, carrots and pickled vegetables in mustard sauce. This dish might taste too ordinary for local clients but featuring the flavour Estonians can’t live without, makes it compulsory for foreign clients to try.


Restaurant Hafen's colourful bowl of soup
Restaurant Hafen

Georg Ots Spa Restaurant

Georg Ots Spa and its restaurant are both great places – together or separately. The hotel’s restaurant has been serving the trendiest food on the island since its opening. Local products are highly valued at  Georg Ots Spa restaurant. The restaurant is also known for cooking traditional dishes but using completely new cooking techniques, boldly combining the traditional produce of the island with unexpected, new flavours.


Go Spa restaurant
Georg Ots Spa Restaurant

Mosaiik Café

 MosaiikCafé hits the bull’s eye. It is a mosaic proper, located on the edge of the central square of Kuressaare. The café serves food cooked with passion to clients who appreciate its cosy interior, friendly service and warm atmosphere. Mosaiik Café never fails to serve old familiar flavours in a novel style. All this makes for a symbiosis rich in flavours and colour where giving prominence to a particular dish or drink would be unfair to the rest of the menu.


Mosaiik Cafe's dissh where are fish and fresh salad on plate
Mosaiik Cafe

Saaremaa Veski (Saaremaa  Mill)

Among the Saaremaa restaurants included on the White Guide list, Saaremaa Veski has the longest history. An old windmill, converted into a restaurant has always served food in many different styles and today it is the only eatery in Kuressaare offering traditional Estonian cuisine. The menu includes the legendary cheese balls from 1974 as well as the wild boar tenderloin in juniper berry sauce. In summer, fish is smoked in the restaurant’s garden, which goes down nicely with some good local beer.


Saaremaa Windmill Restaurant's dish where is fresh salad and smoked fish
Saareaa Windmill Restaurant


Vinotheque Prelude is located on the main street of Kuressaare, and is a well-hidden secret that even many islanders have never visited. Prelude is definitely worth a visit. It welcomes you with an excellent wine selection and the menu includes eel soup, wild boar roast and oysters. Prelude is one of the few places in Saaremaa serving oysters.


Restaurant Prelude
Restaurant Prelude

Grand Rose Spa Restaurant

Grand Rose Spa’s restaurant in the labyrinthine, vaulted basement has inspired its catering manager and sommelier Miika Õunaid to put together an impressive wine list. Chef Kristjan Koppel cooks uncomplicated food which he makes mostly from local produce. The ‘Islander’s Meal’ constitutes a whole smoked bass with pickled cucumber, mini-potatoes fried in butter and tartar sauce.


Grand Rose Spa Restaurant's desert in a bowl and cappuccino is next to that
Grand Rose Spa Restaurant

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