A traditional way to arrive in Saaremaa is by ferry from the mainland Estonia. A crossing takes 25 minutes. It is also possible to fly to Kuressaare from Tallinn, a flight taking about 35 minutes. The small harbours of Saaremaa are in a very good order and ready to receive those arriving by sailing boats. In North-Saaremaa, cruise passengers are welcomed in Saaremaa Port.

When arriving on the island, one should consider that this is a place over the sea – time goes at its own pace and even if sitting in a car and rushing back, the sea stops you anyway…

In autumn, days may occur when even ferries come to a standstill – autumn storms may decide to keep you on either shore of the sea, wherever you happen to be. Very cold winters freeze the sea over with ice and then it is possible to drive between the island and the mainland on an official ice-road.