Sandy beaches, high-spirited concerts, comfortable street cafés and friendly people have again and again attracted people to come to Saaremaa in summertime. The wildlife in summer offers memorable experiences – exceptionally beautiful wild orchids, picturesque sunsets, little lambs eating in the fields, etc. But Saaremaa is a beautiful place for holidaying in winter, spring and autumn too.

If winter is cold enough, it is possible to drive to Saaremaa over the sea frozen with ice. Even if ice is not thick enough to carry cars, it still carries dragon surfers and they can be seen defying cold in the white fields of Mändjala in windy days. The health trails of Karujärve ( are covered with ski tracks in winter, so athletic people can compete with each other and children can enjoy sledging. Many active people can often be met on numerous ski tracks, sledging hills and skating rinks in Saaremaa.

In spring, with ice and snow gone, birds come to Saaremaa. The surroundings of Vilsandi island have been turned into a national park for protecting birds first of all. This is an area on the spring route of migrating birds. On their long journey, birds like to take a rest on the Sõrve peninsula as well.

Summers are long in Saaremaa as the water surrounding the island cools down slower than the air and therefore our autumns are warmer than those on the mainland. At the same time with birds migrating, also people “migrate” to the forests for picking mushrooms and berries to stock delicacies for wintertime.