When comparing the development of the building art of the mainland Estonia and islands, the manor architecture on the islands retained its archaic style of local construction traditions reflecting the beauty ideals of Classicism and the requirement for thrift. Nice and useful (schön und nützlich) is said about it in the publications (Gilly 1797-1799) by the Berlin Building Academy.  The land suitable for big-scale agriculture was scarce but a lot of manors were built here. Most of them were one-storeyed buildings, quite often made of timber and contrary to the mainland, no huge complexes of a number of buildings were constructed here.

The oldest manor mentioned in the records, is the Pöide Oti manor from the beginning of the 13th century, it is private owned today. We recommend taking a look at the manors in Loona, Pidula, Pilguse and Laimjala, they all have an ancient story to tell. The Pädaste manor on Muhu island has been built in a unique way, the so called Muhu style, showing the elements of the British pittoresk. The world today knows it as a 5-star luxury hotel and its gourmet restaurant, introducing the Nordic tastes has been selected the best restaurant in Estonia for several years.