Saaremaa is an excellent place to invigorate your mind and body. Warm salty water is good for your body, kilometres long hiking trails help to keep fit, mud baths do good to your joints, massages relax muscles, etc. Saaremaa is a right place for a healthy holiday.

First mud baths of Estonia were established in Saaremaa during the first half of the 19th century as the sea mud with highly good therapeutic features was found in Kihelkonna. The use of local mud was neglected in the meantime but today it is kept in honour again and mud baths help many people to get relief to their troublesome joints.

Hundreds of different relaxing treatments are available next to mud baths nowadays, the selection includes shaping massages, juniper treatments, caressing wrappings, etc. Also the tens of different saunas in Saaremaa spa hotels are good to your mind and body.
Between spa treatments it is good to stretch your legs and take a walk on a hiking trail to breath in the aroma of pine trees or to go for a short trip at sea or spend time in a hot smoke-sauna on a holiday farm.