If watching flowers, birds or mushrooms is limited by the season, the limestone bluffs and terraces offer a picturesque sight all the year round. The layers of fossils can tell interesting stories about history and the crust uplift. Did you know that the youngest island of Estonia, Uus-Nootamaa is located in the western part of Saaremaa?

Saaremaa is also rich in different types of bluffs, some of them are like big vertical walls, others rise towards the land by terraces or descend directly into the sea and are influenced by waves but there are some very old bluffs that today are inland located. The highest bluff is Panga or Mustjala bluff with its 21.3 meters.
At the seaside, you can find stones that have captured animals and plants from behind millions of years.

Saarte Silurimaa Geopark